Plant care for people who care
Plant care for people who care
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About PlantBased Plants

PlantBased Plants makes veganic soils and ethically grown plants for your windowsill and outdoor garden. We think plantcare should be good for everyone, that’s why we use 100% vegan ingredients and renewable materials that are safe for humans, friendly to animals and respectful of the environment. 

Our story began when our founder, Michelle Carrera, was starting an indoor garden but couldn’t find a single bag of potting soil that was animal-free. All of the currently available soil blends contain animal products from factory farms and extractive ingredients that cause harm to the environment (even organic soil). Over the years, Michelle has developed her own soil mixes for houseplants, garden lettuces, vegetables and herbs, using veganic agricultural growing techniques. She started PlantBased Plants to share her passion for veganic plantcare, and to make it easier for people to nurture houseplants and grow food in an ethical way. 

Conscious sourcing. We make conscious choices at every step of our process and require transparent tracing along the supply chain of every ingredient and material we use. We select only high quality and ethically sourced plant materials. We guarantee the origin, growing practices, labor standards and end-of-life decomposition of all our products. Dig deeper. 

Hands-on support. We don’t just sell soils and plants. We’re growing a community of veganic gardeners and plant lovers. We develop educational workshops on veganic practices & mindful plantcare for all ages and group settings. We also offer professional consultation to help you implement animal-free and environmentally responsible growing practices at home, in the workplace, and in your community. Get connected. 

Community care. We recognize the economic privilege involved in paying a premium for veganic soils and ethically-grown plants, many of which are considered food. To give back, we donate 10% of our proceeds to Chilis on Wheels in New York City. We support their mission to make veganism accessible to communities in need. Our impact.

As the first veganic plantcare company, we’re learning as we grow and building upon the ancestral knowledge of Indigenous land protectors, plant growers and environmental stewards who have come before us. Our vision for a kinder world is shared by many, and our approach to plantcare reflects an expansive ethos of care for all beings. Grow with us! 



Michelle Carrera is a queer Puerto Rican and vegan advocate whose love for plants spans decades. She doesn’t view plants as inanimate household decor, but relies on them as a vital source of healing and nourishment, using plantcare as meditation and medicine. Michelle founded PlantBased Plants on her passion for veganic gardening, minimalism and decolonization. 

For years, Michelle thought that she had a so-called black thumb, but her relationship with plantcare radically changed when she was pregnant and in the midst of personal trauma. She found a plant that resembled a dried up stick in the ground more than a living thing, but she nurtured it back to life. In doing so, she realized how much the plant helped her to heal, too. Ever since then, Michelle has practiced plantcare and gardening in urban and suburban spaces, cultivating a spiritual connection to plants and drawing upon the knowledge of her ancestors. Her approach to plantcare is informed by Ecofeminist theories of cooperation with nature, not dominance over it.

PlantBased Plants is the very first of its kind as a veganic soil and plant company, but Michelle is no stranger to breathing life into things that do not yet exist. In 2014, when she discovered there were no vegan soup kitchens in New York City, she founded Chilis on Wheels to provide vegan food relief to communities in need. In 2018, after Hurricane Maria, she founded Casa Vegana de la Comunidad in Puerto Rico to be a community house for vegan sustainability and a micro sanctuary for nonhumans. 

In addition to her work in plantbased permaculture, Michelle is a professional translator and writer. She currently lives in New Jersey with her unschooled child, partner and rescued dog. Learn more about Michelle.