Plant care for people who care.

Veganic plants and soil are better for people, animals & the earth. We offer ethically-grown plants, herbs and biodegradable plant care tools for indoor & outdoor gardening. Our hands-on guidance, educational workshops and community connection help support you on your planting journey. Learn more.

Potting soil is dirtier than you think. 

Commercial soil contains cheap fillers and fertilizers with big ecological footprints. Whether it’s conventional or certified organic, most soil for potted plants and gardens relies on surprisingly harmful ingredients. 

-worm castings from captive bred earthworms

-animal manure, blood, bone and feathers from factory farms

-peat and sphagnum moss, harvested faster than they can regrow

-vermiculite, often contaminated with asbestos and extracted through mining

-perlite, considered a nuisance dust with cancer-causing particles (OSHA)

Luckily, we don’t need to risk our health, harm animals or pollute the environment in order to grow happy plants. There’s a better way to grow with veganic horticulture. Learn more.

Veganic soil for a healthier earth. 

We think soil should be good for everyone from wildlife to workers. Our innovative veganic soil blends are designed to nourish your plants with renewable non-extractive materials like leaf-mold, rice hulls, pine bark, and vegan compost. We want to do more than keep your plants lush and beautiful. By ditching animal products and harmful pollutants, we help protect people, animals and lower our ecological footprint.